Mr Sales

Soft tissue knee surgeon

About Mr Sales

consultant soft tissue knee surgeon

Mr Sales is a fellowship-trained Consultant Soft Tissue Knee Surgeon who specialises in sports knee injuries and arthroscopic (keyhole) knee surgery.

Mr Sales is committed to improving patient care and outcomes. He has visited multiple Orthopaedic Excellence Centres in Europe and US.

The majority of his practice involves knee reconstructive surgery, with a special interest in patellofemoral problems (particularly patella instability and arthritis), meniscus preservation, knee ligament reconstruction, osteotomies and fractures around the knee.

Mr Sales has been awarded the Cardiff University Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate.

The team

Jo Armstrong

Senior Physiotherapist

Dan Wright 

Senior Physiotherapist

PatelloFemoral Clinic

In The Patellofemoral Clinic, we provide specialist care for patella (knee cap) instability. This is a pioneering clinic in the UK.

We perform: 

These procedures are designed to help keep you mobile by improving knee stability and strength. 

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